Top features of Android L aka Lollipop

Theses are the Top features in  Android 5.0 Lollipop as it will be out soon for public.



1. Material Design

Which is a  basically bold,colorful, and responsive  iteration for Android’s interface, has features very bright colors, natural motions when buttons are pressed, and new typography.

2.Enhanced Notifications

Users can now view and reply to certain notifications via the lock screen or while they are app they can right away reply without leaving the particular app .A new Priority Mode is also added which can be accessible from volume keys .

3. Multiple Device Sharing

Guest accounts and multiple account support is now added for Android phones. Basically, if you don’t remember the main password , you can still log into the quest account , can enjoy the tablet/phone .Finally, Screen Pinning allows you to pin your screen so another user can access just that content without messing with your other stuff.


4. New Quick Settings

There are new Quick Settings for users of  android L, including one for flashlight, hotspot, screen rotation (finally!) and cast screen controls.

5.Better Connectivity

It offers an easier time with Bluetooth, more power-efficient scanning for nearby Bluetooth low energy devices like wearables  etc.

6.ART (Android Runtime)

The Android Runtime also known as ART is a completely rebuilt runtime for the OS, bringing 4x performance improvements and a smoother UI for complex, visually rich applications.



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